Future Tech Circuit in Indian Education

Connecting students to evolutions in
AI & Robotics in a responsible way.

Key Challenges in  Future Tech Education

In a world rapidly transformed by technology, students and teachers still face a critical educational gap limiting students to actualise their potential and our society’s progress.

That’s where you and we come in -- to contribute to the society by engaging through three different layers of the problem.

Problem Layer 1

Tip of the Tech Iceberg

At a surface level, the visible problem in AI and Robotics education is the lack of access, creating a divide. Addressing this is our initial step towards uncovering and tackling deeper issues.

Problem Layer 2

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the immediate challenges, many students and teachers experience the feelings of inadequacy, fear of falling behind and being left out in our fast-paced world.

Problem Layer 3

Deeper Dilemmas

At a deeper level, we confront complex ethical and philosophical challenges, including data ethics, AI biases, and the role of technology in society.

Care for future-tech education & society

through advocating for hands-on, practical learning and committing to nurturing ethically aware innovators to solve real-world problems for a better future

We share your curiosity & seeking

We're more than educators; we're mentors committed to shaping a future where technology is used responsibly and creatively.

— Shankar DhanasekaranAuthor | Keynote Speaker | Trainer | Heartivist.

What we stand for?

CuriousBot is a collaborative initiative of CuriousHub and Talam, an unit of Auroville bringing together industry experts and educators to bridge this gap in our education system.

Our team is made up of seasoned tech professionals with decades of experience who are committed to not just teaching technology, but also using it to solve real-world problems and promote ethical usage.

Curious Hub
3 Steps for the Next Wave of Tech Innovators

Integrated plan of action

We are here now.

Phase 1 - Igniting Awareness and Curiosity

Experiential Expos for 1 Lakh students

200+ expos across government schools in Tamilnadu and Puducherry to bring awareness and spark curiosity in over 100,000 students by demonstrating open-source Farmbot and AI among several other experiements. We believe that making students aware and curious is the first step towards helping them learn and contribute to these advanced technologies. In this context, these expos are a crucial step in connecting to the next two phases in our mission.

Upcoming in Q2 2024

Phase 2 - Building Sustained Interest

Local Group Engagement and Weekly Interactions

Select students from each school, showing a keen interest in technology, are grouped into local clusters. Each group, consisting of around 20 students, is guided by a Curious Bot member and a trained volunteer. Through weekly virtual interactions, these groups delve deeper into tech concepts, facilitated by curated content and resources provided by Curious Bot. This phase nurtures a collaborative learning environment, fostering continuous growth and interaction.

Upcoming in Q3 2024

Phase 3 - Expert Mentoring

Real-world tech projects in partnership with communities

The final phase is an intensive, immersive experience in Auroville. Students who exhibit remarkable engagement and potential during the second phase are invited to participate in advanced mentorship programs. Here, they are exposed to various aspects of product development and entrepreneurship, mentored by global experts. This phase is aimed at shaping students into future innovators and entrepreneurs, ready to apply their skills for social change.

Contribute to Manifest
the Change

We recognize and support multiple forms of wealth, valuing each contribution, whether financial, material, intellectual, or social, in making this expo a success.

Volunteer Expertise

Share Knowledge, Shape Minds

Volunteer as little as 2hrs/week to contribute your expertise in sustainable technology to educate and inspire young minds.

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Fuel Educational Progress

Contribute to our crowdfunding campaign supporting everything from logistics to learning materials.

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Build Community

Connect, Collaborate, and Expand

Connect us with your network and help spread the word and form vital partnerships. Every bit of outreach helps!

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Our deepest fear

holding back our potential 

Our deepest fear is not that we are incapable of bridging the gap in our education.

Rather, it is that we possess immense potential to make transformative changes in education, yet we may hold back.

Contribute for co-creation

Your support translates to

Inclusive Education, Fostering Ethical Tech Innovators

Together, we can build a community of young minds ready to tackle tomorrow's challenges.

Contribute for co-creation

Let's light the lamp 
of a brigther future

AI & Robotics evolve at breakneck speed.
Millions of students are left behind. 
Not an educational gap; it's a call to action.

Together, we can find a way to engage & contribute to this cause.